46 Things We’ll Miss About Liberia…

  1. Food, especially palm butter and pineapple
  2. The fantastic West African music especially “Yori, Yori”.
  3. The glorious sunshine that glows like a balloon in the sky at night
  4. Shaking hands with everyone and anyone we meet
  5. … and doing the African ‘snap’
  6. Getting a high five on the way back from Communion
  7. People remembering your name
  8. People getting your name wrong in a friendly way
  9. People looking delighted to see you even though they’ve only seen you once before
  10. Patience and Kindness sitting next to each other in class
  11. … just behind Comfort
  12. Watching football
  13. Talking about football
  14. The Virtuous Women’s Multipurpose Collective
  15. Walking round inside the President’s Palace on an impromptu visit
  16. Visiting Guinea without a visa or a passport
  17. How beautifully mathematical the Palm trees are as well as all the amazing trees in general
  18. Sitting in a gushing waterfall, dancing next to the water fall, drinking Club Beer next to the waterfall and dancing to African Gospel music next to that same waterfall
  19. Messages of (Spirit) inspiration… on the bumpers of yellow taxis
  20. The warm welcomes
  21. The amazing people
  22. The tropical fruit (including Solero fruit)
  23. People being shy but never embarrassed
  24. Everyone wanting to be your friend, including those you shake hands with on the street
  25. The spontaneous harmonies that pop up as kids sing in class
  26. The silent conversations (with smiles and head nods) with people you pass on the street
  27. Putting ‘o’ on the end of words and sentences
  28. Being introduced to people with brand new – and sometimes peculiar – names wherever we go
  29. Being told by people they heard you on the radio
  30. … and they remember what you said
  31. Club beer
  32. Sugar cane
  33. Having our own driver
  34. Having these particular drivers – Simeon, Flomo, Jimmy and Bility…
  35. Dancing at any given opportunity
  36. Teaching Africans to dance
  37. Orange Fanta that’s deliciously different to our own Orange Fanta
  38. Driving along with the windows open taking in brisk air (and being able to smell lots of different kinds of foods)
  39. New sights everywhere we drive
  40. People being out and together all of the time, day and night
  41. Seeing wild fires at the side of the road
  42. Beesie the dog and his fox-like friend
  43. The massive “No Lemon” sign marking the garage which indicates that they don’t sell lemons
  44. Bizarre Liberian advertising and billboards
  45. The fact that people still say Happy New Year to you, even though we’re two months into the year…
  46. …and also that people still have their Christmas decorations up

The country itself – we’ll never forget our first trip to Africa

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