Two months ahead of me…

Deciding how to communicate with people back home was somewhat of a decision I had to think about. In the past I have had blogs posted onto the YMT website, as well as the blogs I have written for CAFOD. As I’m not officially blogging for my up-and-coming trip to East Africa, I decided to set up this page to let you all know what I’m up to. I have also copied previous blogs from my time in Liberia as well as my summer in Madrid in 2011. I hope to continue using this blog in the future for anywhere I may find myself in the world.

ImageTomorrow I travel to Uganda where I will spend a week staying with a good friend of mine who I lived with during my time spent with the Youth Ministry Team in 2010. Following that, I will then move onto Tanzania where I will spend six weeks working in the western region of Tabora with local young people helping them to establish their own libraries resourcing them with textbooks we have managed to collect from schools in Edinburgh over the course of the year leading up to this trip.

In my life, I feel called to help those in the world who haven’t been provided with the amazing opportunites that I have been blessed with. I study mathematics at one of the leading institutions in the world, and I have only been giving that opportunity because of the random country I was born in. So if I can look around me, see a maths textbook going to waste in a cupboard somewhere in Portobello or North Berwick, then through my involvement with READ International I can absolutely make sure that that book is being utilised to its full potential. It will end up in the hands of an aspiring maths student, whose only difference to me is that I come from a rich country, and he or she comes from a poor country.

ImageAnd so I want to continue to write blogs independently because I want to share my story with all of those who aren’t able to make the trip to Tanzania. Not everybody has the desire or opportunity to take part in these projects, so if I can capture a glimpse of some of the stories and testimonies of young people on the other side of the world, then I bring us a step closer to the realisation that although we may be thousands of miles apart from each other, we are still one community.

Although I am unsure of quite when or how I will be able to access the internet whilst on my travels, I will¬†endeavour to update as frequently as I can. I’ll see you in Uganda!

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